Earthy Worthy Ombre Series - Lemon Puff


Ombre is a technique of harmoniously blending one colour tone to another. A new series that is part of InnerSejuk’s Earthy Worthy Collection, six new gorgeous colour gradients have been added into the family. Our new offerings allow you to get matching scarves to go with your chosen non-medical face mask.


  • Super High Tech
  • Premium Dry Chill fabric
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Hijab Friendly
  •  Flexi Tie Back Type

InnerSejuk Reusable Antibacterial Cloth Face Mask covers the nose and mouth, with comfortable fabric ties to ensure the mask stays in place, without giving the discomfort feeling around your ears.

Our face mask provides a physical barrier against LARGER respiratory droplets, germ particles, and splashes. However, it will not act as a physical barrier against smaller respiratory droplets or germ particles.


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